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About Us


In 1983 Jeff and Debi Daniels opened Tri-City Plumbing & Mechanical. Jeff focused on specializing in plumbing service work. From a young age his son, Jason, went to work with him learning the plumbing trade. After 31 years Jeff decided to pursue his interest in real estate by becoming a real estate agent and opening Heartland Realty.  At that time Jason and his wife, Ashley, became the second generation to own and operate Tri-City Plumbing and Mechanical, Inc.

Jason grew up working alongside his father learning the trade. Jeff taught Jason to treat every job and customer’s home as if it was his own. Among many things he demonstrated to Jason was how to do quality work, take initiative with a deliberate work ethic, and maintain a sanitary work environment. Jason was a natural at working with his hands, visiting with customers, and being precise in all jobs he performed.

Jason and Ashley are the proud parents of two little boys. The boys will grow up learning the trade, as Jason did.  The oldest has already begun going to work with Jason. Since he cannot go to work with Dad as often as they want, he also works with Mom in the business office. He has his own spot and “work” to do at Mom’s desk. The boys may become the third generation of plumbers, owners, and operators of Tri-City Plumbing, but only time will tell.

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